SafetyNet™ Alarm Processors are standalone units that can communicate wirelessly with a wide range alarm and industrial equipment monitoring systems to remotely receive critical notifications and communicate them to digital radios or mobile phones.

Using a SafetyNet™ Alarm Processor on its own or as part of a wider SafetyNet system provides for a prompt, effective response to critical incidents that threaten health and safety or efficiency.

How does it work?

SafetyNet™ Alarm Processor units transmit important status information from alarm systems and industrial equipment to key personnel over digital radios or mobile phones.

Information can be sent from digital radios back to a SafetyNet™ Alarm Processor to acknowledge and alarm alerts

Equipment can be remotely activated from a digital radio or mobile phone via a SafetyNet™ Alarm Processor.


  Integrates with plant and machinery monitoring systems, building management systems (BMS), Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and alarm systems, including fire and entry systems.

  Communicates alerts via text message, email or as pre-recorded audio announcements

  Communicates alerts to digital radios or mobile phones

  Escalates alert notifications

  Receives and responds locally and remotely

Example Applications

  Water treatment sites – connecting SCADA linked alarms and gate access entry with radios or mobiles

  Manufacturing facilities – warning of equipment failure

  University campus – connecting fire and intruder alarms to local security

  Lone workers on remote sites, e.g. , windfarms, – connecting alarms from their radio to colleagues



SafetyNet Custodial provides location monitoring at HMP Kilmarnock, a 500 cell prison facility managed by Serco Ltd on behalf of the Scottish Prison Service.


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