SafetyNet™ is tailored for mission-critical applications, serving as a secure real-time locating system (RTLS) or real-time tracking system. Its primary function is to monitor the whereabouts of individuals and vital assets, ensuring enhanced safety and security measures.

In situations involving individuals, particularly lone workers, the system’s ability to track their movements and crucially, when those movements stop or raise alarm, expedites a swift and efficient responses in safeguarding their well-being.

SafetyNet™ Staff Alarm, is specifically engineered to oversee the location and welfare of individuals, particularly those operating in lone worker scenarios.

This versatile system is operable both indoors and outdoors.

Typically, SafetyNet™ Staff Alarm is deployed in environments where individuals face potential confrontation or encounter hazardous conditions, such as construction sites or custodial facilities.

SafetyNet Protect+

Designed to monitor the well-being and location of people, particularly those working in potentially confrontational situations, providing them with the reassurance that if assistance is required it can be summoned quickly to their exact location.

Asset PA

The SafetyNet Asset PA is a small pendant, offering portability without compromising safety, with a battery life of up to 30 days. A push button or pull cord triggers an instant alarm, alerting nearby individuals to the users distress, while establishing direct communication with a central monitoring unit for swift assistance. With a simple alarm system, precise location tracking, and secure network connectivity, the Asset PA enhances user confidence and provides reassurance in any environment.

SafetyNet Asset Location

Designed to track people or assets within a defined indoor area. The system can be used in any indoor situation but is especially useful in areas where there is no Wi-Fi, e.g. construction sites, or where achieving reliable GPS or Wi-Fi coverage is challenging, e.g. tunnels and underground areas.

Lone worker safety

Any individual who performs their job duties in isolation, without direct supervision or immediate assistance readily available, faces unique risks due to the solitary nature of their work, which can include accidents, injuries, medical emergencies, or security threats.

SafetyNet™ Staff Alarm is a crucial tool designed to enhance the safety and security of lone workers. These alarms are triggered automatically when a worker experiences a sudden fall, becomes incapacitated, or is unable to move. The importance of man down alarms lie in their ability to promptly alert nearby colleagues or monitor personnel when a lone worker is in distress, enabling swift assistance and potentially lifesaving interventions.

SafetyNet™ Staff Alarm systems can be customised to suit the specific needs and preferences of individual workers or organisations, including adjustable sensitivity levels and personalised alert notifications.

In some industries, there are legal or regulatory requirements mandating the implementation of safety measures, including man down alarms, to protect the well-being of lone workers and ensure compliance with occupational health and safety standards.

SafetyNet™ Staff Alarm plays a vital role in safeguarding the health, safety, and security of lone workers, providing them with a reliable lifeline in case of emergencies and offering peace of mind to both workers and their employers.

Staff Alarms for Custodial and Secure Hospital settings

SafetyNet™ Staff Alarms play a crucial role in custodial environments for ensuring the safety and security staff. Custodial environments, such as prisons, detention centres, secure hospitals and correctional facilities, pose unique challenges and risks due to the confined spaces, high-security protocols, and potential for confrontational situations.

Custodial environments can be volatile, with the potential for violence, riots, or medical emergencies. SafetyNet™ Staff Alarm provides a rapid means for personnel to summon assistance in case of emergencies, enabling a swift response from colleagues or security personnel to de-escalate situations and ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

SafetyNet™ Staff Alarms also offer a layer of protection by allowing staff members to signal for help if they feel threatened or are in danger, helping to prevent or mitigate potential assaults or injuries.

Staff alarms can be integrated with monitoring systems to track the movements and locations of staff members throughout the facility. This allows supervisors to monitor staff activity in real-time, identify areas of concern, and respond promptly to any incidents or emergencies that arise.

Many authorities have regulations and standards governing the safety and security of custodial environments, including requirements for staff alarm systems. Implementing SafetyNet™ Staff Alarm not only helps facilities comply with these regulations but also reduces liability risks by demonstrating a commitment to employee safety and well-being.

SafetyNet™ Staff Alarm is an indispensable tool for enhancing the safety, security, and operational efficiency of these environments.

How does it work?

SafetyNet™ offers a sophisticated staff alarm and location solution, utilising either SafetyNet™ Protect+ devices or digital radios equipped with location tracking, alongside SafetyNet™ Mesh—a dedicated, secure managed network of strategically positioned beacons within a building. For outdoor location tracking, beacon coverage can be extended or supplemented with GPS location when using digital radios.

In the event of an incident, such as when a user activates the emergency button on a SafetyNet Protect+ device or radio, other system users receive text message alerts indicating the precise location of the individual in distress. Radios can also receive automated audio messages.

The SafetyNet™ software platform provides essential functions for monitoring, reporting movements, and mapping locations for personal safety and security purposes. This data can be seamlessly integrated with information from other systems, such as fire or entry systems, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and take swift, appropriate action

Location tracking of DMR and TETRA radios and real time location devices like SafetyNet™ Protect


  • Indoor and outdoor location monitoring
  • Man Down and Lone Worker location identification
  • Single intuitive SafetyNet™ Software platform for desktop PCs and tablets
  • Escalation of alarm notifications
  • Personal alarm and duress alert functions
  • Alarm message status messaging
  • Geofencing and proximity zoning
  • Integration with sensing technology
  • Integration with entry systems
  • Accessible via PCs and tablets
  • Available as hosted or cloud solution

Where do you need it?

Where do you need it?

Safety Net Construction systems frequently incorporate two-way radios for communication and also for more advanced features – location monitoring, Man Down, Lone Worker etc. SafetyNet Construction can incorporate legacy radios or radios from one of our technology partners.

The health and safety of workers, particularly lone workers, is obviously critical. Using two-way radio or tracking devices, like SafetyNet Alarm, to provide continuous, real-time location information, SafetyNet Construction ensures the alarm is raised and assistance can be quickly despatched to a precise location when required. SafetyNet Construction can also provide data for audit purposes.


SafetyNet Custodial solution is bespoke to the client and application but at the core of most systems, SafetyNet Custodial integrates with PMR Products supplied, or appropriate existing, two-way radios and infrastructure to provide a control room management system supporting critical communications and location monitoring of people for organisational effectiveness and safety.

Using SafetyNet Custodial, location monitoring of people and assets can also be achieved without two-way radios, using SafetyNet Protect+ and SafetyNet Alarm.


SafetyNet Utilities offers the ultimate critical communication solution for this sector providing for the location monitoring of people and assets using SafetyNet Protect+ and SafetyNet Alarm. Each solution is designed to client requirements, which typically include delivering a robust solution for critical communications and providing for the safety of workers, particularly those operating in potentially hazardous situations, but may also include challenges specific to the application, like monitoring the location of assets underground or integrating with existing systems.



SafetyNet Custodial provides location monitoring at HMP Kilmarnock, a 500 cell prison facility managed by Serco Ltd on behalf of the Scottish Prison Service.


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