SafetyNet is tailored for critical missions, serving as a secure real-time location system (RTLS), commonly referred to as a real-time tracking system, aimed at monitoring the movements of people and assets.

Leveraging SafetyNet for tracking purposes can facilitate significant enhancements in efficiency and cost-effectiveness, optimising inventory utilisation, and mitigating losses from theft.

SafetyNet Asset Location is engineered to monitor the whereabouts of people or assets within a designated indoor space. This system is versatile, applicable in various indoor settings, but particularly valuable in environments lacking Wi-Fi connectivity, such as construction sites, or where establishing reliable GPS or Wi-Fi coverage presents challenges, such as tunnels and underground areas.

The capabilities of SafetyNet Asset Location extend across a spectrum of applications, whether to display current locations or track movement between points. Its utility spans from enhancing health and safety measures to optimising operational efficiency and showcasing accountability.

How does it work?

Each individual or asset that needs to be tracked is equipped with a SafetyNet Asset device, a compact battery-operated radio transmitter.

SafetyNet Asset Location utilises SafetyNet Mesh, a network comprising discreet beacon readers and routers (BRRs) strategically positioned throughout the designated area. These components relay location information via either wireless transmission or a fixed network connection to the SafetyNet Software.

The SafetyNet Software receives the location data transmitted by SafetyNet Mesh, providing real-time visibility of all assets within the system. It also initiates and escalates alerts as necessary.

Additionally, the software can integrate data from SafetyNet Asset devices with telemetry information to enhance operational efficiency, such as equipment scheduling and asset failure prediction. Crucially, SafetyNet Software can monitor the location of two-way radios, allowing them to be tracked in relation to assets if needed.


  • Geofencing with the alarm raised if a person or asset moves from or into a designated area
  • Can be programmed to escalate alerts as emails, texts or voice messages
  • Assets can be linked to specific individuals to prevent unauthorised use
  • Audit trail and asset management reports
  • Integration with IoT sensing technology
  • Accessible via PCs and tablets
  • Available as hosted or cloud solution

Where do you need it?

Safety Net Construction systems frequently incorporate two-way radios for communication and also for more advanced features – location monitoring, Man Down, Lone Worker etc. SafetyNet Construction can incorporate legacy radios or radios from one of our technology partners.

SafetyNet Construction can incorporate SafetyNet Asset Location to track people and critical or high value assets moving around a site, using a dedicated network of beacons. The use of beacons mean that it is even possible to track locations within tunnels and other underground areas.

SafetyNet Custodial solution is bespoke to the client and application but at the core of most systems, SafetyNet Custodial integrates with PMR Products supplied, or appropriate existing, two-way radios and infrastructure to provide a control room management system supporting critical communications and location monitoring of people for organisational effectiveness and safety.

Using SafetyNet Location Monitoring, people and assets can also be tracked without two-way radios, using SafetyNet Protect and SafetyNet Alarm.

SafetyNet Utilities offers the ultimate critical communication solution for this sector providing for the location monitoring of people and assets using SafetyNet Protect+ and SafetyNet Alarm.

The health and safety of workers, particularly lone workers, is obviously critical. Using two-way radio or tracking devices, like SafetyNet Protect+, to provide continuous, real-time location information.

Using SafetyNet Location Monitoring, the alarm is raised and assistance can be quickly despatched to a precise location when required. SafetyNet Utilities can also provide data for audit purposes.



SafetyNet Custodial provides location monitoring at HMP Kilmarnock, a 500 cell prison facility managed by Serco Ltd on behalf of the Scottish Prison Service.


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