Using a range of wireless technologies SafetyNet™ bespoke systems are designed to interact with multiple devices and sensors and connect them with people to streamline communication and response time.

SafetyNet™ systems are generally designed for mission critical applications, with the need for a secure real-time locating system (RTLS) to monitor the location of critical assets and people and to raise alerts when required as the main requirement, but bespoke SafetyNet™ systems can be designed to deliver much more, including alarm and equipment monitoring, interfacing with BMSs, SCADA systems, and task allocation based on proximity.

We pride ourselves on innovation and our ability to harness relevant technology to deliver practical and cost effective solutions the challenges our customers face, helping them to work smarter. To discuss your specific requirements please get in touch.

How does it work?

SafetyNet™ Bespoke Systems can help organisations to increase operational efficiency and save costs and to provide for the health and safety of their employees.

An example of a bespoke system is a heavy manufacturing facility where the system monitors the location of workers, the location of critical assets, the performance of key production equipment; fire alarms; entry systems and sensor systems, reporting information in real time and responding in a predefined way to communicate to the appropriate people or groups, to ensure a prompt and effective response by sending the nearest appropriate, available resources to an incident.

The system can be monitored remotely on-site or remotely, via PC or tablet using SafetyNet™ Software.

Key Solutions

People Monitoring

Monitor the location and well-being of individuals, indoors and outside, particularly when they are working alone.

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Task Allocation

Allocate tasks and receive live updates and combine with people location to assign tasks by proximity.


Asset Location

Track high-value or critical items within a defined indoor area.

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Asset Allocation

Associate an asset with a specific person to prevent unauthorised use.


Plant & Alarm Monitoring

Integrate with fire and entry alarms etc. and industrial equipment monitoring systems to remotely receive critical notifications.

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Two-Way Radio Dispatch

Creating, monitoring and reporting on two-way radio systems , including voice playback and archiving, handling Lone Worker and Man Down alerts and stun and revive and reprogramming of handsets


  Designed for mission critical applications

  Integration with multiple devices including mobile phones (4G and 5G) and two-way radios (DMR and TETRA)

  Location tracking of DMR and TETRA radios and real time location devices like SafetyNet Protect and handling of Man down and Lone Worker alerts

  Single intuitive SafetyNetÔ Software platform for desktop PCs and tablets

  Available via SafetyNet Smart app

  Geofencing and proximity zoning

  Integration with sensing technology

  Escalation of alerts as emails, texts or voice messages

  Integration with IoT technologies, including SCADA, BMS, MCM etc.

  Management reporting

  Accessible via PCs and tablets

  Available as hosted or cloud solution



SafetyNet Custodial provides location monitoring at HMP Kilmarnock, a 500 cell prison facility managed by Serco Ltd on behalf of the Scottish Prison Service.


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