SafetyNet is a pivotal solution-based system, designed to establish connections within environments where interactions are paramount.

SafetyNet integrates software, systems, beacons, and alarms and has grown into an indispensable critical communication solution, combining multiple infrastructures.

SafetyNet takes management and safety to the next level by integrating personal alarms and location systems into a single package to provide radio and staff alarms depending on need and function.

SafetyNet’s seamless integration of disparate elements not only enhances connectivity but also revolutionises the way organisations navigate complex environments, ensuring robust communication channels and safeguarding the well-being of personnel and assets alike.

SafetyNet™ Custodial is a radio communications and wireless alarm solution designed for the operational control and safety of your staff in the prison environment.

With safety as top priority, our personal staff alarm solution guarantees immediate attention when needed most. Whether it’s a distress call or an emergency situation, SafetyNet™ control room software ensures a prompt response.

SafetyNet™ Custodial is the ultimate solution for monitoring the location of individuals. It is designed to ensure a rapid, effective response when an alarm on the system is activated by providing real-time location information to others on the system and indicating whether assistance is required or that they should keep clear.

The demand for our SafetyNet critical communication products is on the rise and our involvement in Renewable UK’s Global Offshore Wind event in 2023 reinforced our commitment to becoming a key player in offshore wind and personnel safety.

Becoming members of Renewable UK was a logical step for us, highlighting our unwavering commitment to the industry.

SafetyNet™ Ocean has been designed to ensure the safety and smooth integration of communication services for individuals working on offshore wind farms.

Wireless voice and data capabilities are vital from the onset of construction, facilitating safety protocols, logistical coordination, and site management.

As operations commence, the significance of data amplifies, particularly with the evolution of remote systems.

Acknowledging the importance of staff maintaining contact with their families, SafetyNet Ocean prioritises social welfare, recognising the importance of connectivity during extended offshore assignments.

Every SafetyNet™ Construction solution is bespoke but at the core of most systems SafetyNet Construction integrates with new, or appropriate existing, two-way radios and infrastructure to provide a centralised system that can automatically monitor and alert the right people at the right time only when a response is needed. Data can be collected to support critical communications and location monitoring of people for organisational effectiveness and safety.

Using SafetyNet Construction, location monitoring of people and assets can also be achieved without two-way radios, using SafetyNet Protect+ and SafetyNet Alarm. In construction the emphasis is to be able to collect location information and process it to provide data on staff utilisation and raise alarms only when others need to be informed.

SafetyNet™ Retail & Leisure offers the ultimate critical communication solution for retail and leisure destinations – shopping centres, theme parks, sports stadiums etc.

Here the focus is on providing a safety critical communications tool to allow large crowds to be managed safely by wardens and security staff through a control room, or by linking other radio users through talkgroups.

The safety of on-site security and facilities maintenance staff can be enhanced using personal location to track users and ensure tours of duty are correctly performed in real time. It also provides a clear means of locating asset and individuals when an incident occurs, or resources need to be deployed.

Why choose PMR SafetyNet?

  • At PMR, our mission is to specialise in delivering bespoke communications and safety solutions based on a well proven and stable platform, configured to provide the functions that are critical in a range of sectors.
  • We firmly believe that ensuring the safety of individuals is paramount within any well-run organisation.
  • When personnel feel secure and supported, they are empowered to thrive, and by prioritising safety, you will maximise productivity and well-being within your company.
  • Our ethos revolves around delivering solutions that instil a sense of safety within your team, reflecting our commitment to achieving maximum efficacy for your company. PMR SafetyNet systems serve as the cornerstone of efficiently managed organisations, facilitating critical communications seamlessly, and we are committed to the continuous development of our products to ensure they remain the very best option for our customers.

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