Prison guard locking cell with key. How safe do your staff feel


How safe do your staff feel at work

SafetyNet Custodial provides the peace of mind your staff deserve

We’ve recently launched new product which combines SafetyNet Digital, SafetyNet Locator and SafetyNet Mesh into a fully integrated solution – SafetyNet Custodial.

SafetyNet Custodial grew from a requirement to provide a new personal alarm for the prison service using the latest digital technology, integrated with TETRA radio equipment and indoor location.

We’ve been supplying the prison service with secure communication systems that ensure staff safety since 1996 and SafetyNet has become the control room standard, with over 150 systems installed throughout the UK.

SafetyNet Custodial provides all staff on duty with a personal alarm used alongside and integrated with the site-wide radio system under control room management. Protect+ is a simple, compact personal alarm unit used by support staff, with prison officers using TETRA radios in parallel. TETRA radios are enhanced by adding a module to provide personal alarm and location functionality.

A network of beacons provide Protect+ and TETRA radios with indoor location information combining the benefits of TETRA digital radio and IoT technology. The new system is both futureproof and scalable allowing existing system to be upgraded.

Combining SafetyNet Protect+ personal staff alarms with the TETRA radio scheme provides up to date and accurate situational awareness using both visual and audible alert to all users on duty in the event of an incident, as well as integrating that information with other systems on site such as CCTV.


What are the highlights of SafetyNet custodial?

  • Robust coverage for critical communications
  • Real-time location monitoring for assistance to be despatched to an exact location.
  • Continuous tracking or location by alert or request
  • Integration with CCTV through the main control system for a quick, targeted response

As experts in critical communications, we understand that by providing staff with the tools to feel totally safe at work, they can give 100% to the job in hand.

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