RS Hill & Sons Case Study


The Power of Collaboration

Driving change through innovation – PMR’s role in revolutionising transportation communications

Founded in 1979, RS Hill & Sons has evolved into a multifaceted business entity with interests ranging from Farming to Mobile Homes. However, it’s RS Hill Radio Communications that notably distinguishes itself. Prominent as the leading DMR tier three network in today’s market; RS Hill’s commitment to innovation and excellence in communication technology perfectly aligns with PMR.


RS Hill’s Radio Communications initially operated with a basic analogue system, catering to clients with fundamental call stack capabilities. Expanding its services, they secured contracts with some of the major public transport groups, including First Group.

When RS Hill secured a contract with First Bus in 2017 for a DMR tier three network, it marked a significant milestone in their trajectory. However, it was not without its challenges. The required frequency crucial for the implementation of the network was unavailable within the existing range, presenting an obstacle that would only be overcome through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.


Collaboration with PMR and Tait Radio

Facing the frequency challenge, RS Hill sought collaboration with Tait Radio and PMR to develop a customised solution. Tait Radio were the only manufacturer willing to undertake the task, and collaborated with RS Hill and PMR to build the network from scratch.

Technical excellence with user-friendly interface

PMR adapted its SafetyNet solution to replicate the functionality of the previous BCX Vigilant system, ensuring a smooth transition for users.

Despite the technical superiority of the new system, PMR ensured that it closely resembled the old system’s interface to facilitate ease of use for drivers and operators during the changeover. This strategic decision minimised training requirements and operational disruptions.


Deployment and expansion

PMR’s collaboration with Tait and RS Hill’s Communications resulted in the successful deployment of six regional linked sites offering coverage through southern and central England, resilient DMR mobile voice and data capabilities, superb SafetyNet PC despatch and a Mobile POC App (Tait radio, Team PTT). This marks a significant milestone in the project’s journey. The continuous evolution of the system reflects RS Hill’s commitment to innovation and excellence in meeting the evolving needs of its clients, with PMR playing a crucial role in enabling this growth.

Barry Turner, RS Hills’ Operations Manager, praised the invaluable contribution of PMR and Tait Radio to the project’s success.

“The system is continuously evolving and getting bigger. RS Hill and Sons could not have done that without PMR and Tait’s working relationship, which is solid and sound. It’s a great project to work on.”




The power of collaboration

PMR’s collaboration with RS Hill’s Radio Communications exemplifies the transformative power of innovation and alliance in overcoming challenges and driving progress. By leveraging its expertise in communication solutions and aligning closely with RS Hill’s objectives, PMR played a crucial role in revolutionising transportation communication. As the system continues to evolve, PMR remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of its clients, ensuring sustained growth and success in the marketplace.

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