SafetyNet™ Locator software for HMP Dumfries

HMP Dumfries, part of the Scottish Prison Service, is a local adult male prison that specialises in holding short-term offenders who need to be separated from other inmates due to the nature of their offence.

To better provide for the safety of staff, the prison acquired our SafetyNet Locator software upgrade, which will work with the existing system of beacons and TETRA radios retro-fitted with a receiver module to show the location of staff when the radio alarm button is pressed in the event of an emergency. Should an incident occur support can quickly be despatched to a precise location.

SafetyNet Locator software, which provides a comprehensive solution to visualising the location of workers in potentially confrontational or hazardous roles; can be used with existing beacon and radio systems, as HMP Dumfries has done.

As an alternative PMR have further developed using SafetyNet Mesh and SafetyNet Protect+ to provide personal alarm units, which do not require the use of staff radios, but operate in parallel with them.

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