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SafetyNet Mesh: The ultimate reassurance for your staff

How do you reassure your staff they are safe in potentially dangerous surroundings if the Wi-Fi and cellular network is patchy? Enabling staff to carry out their duties in safety, with the peace of mind that they are being monitored has multiple benefits; staff are more likely to work at maximum capacity when they know their well-being has been prioritised.

So what does SafetyNet Mesh do?

Wireless beacons strategically placed within a building or designated area receive signals from dedicated location monitoring devices, like SafetyNet Protect+ and SafetyNet Asset, as their users move around the area. SafetyNet Locator software then displays movements in real time on on-screen schematics, and records movements for management reporting and staff accountability. The system can be used in any indoor situation, but is especially useful in areas where achieving reliable GPS or Wi-Fi coverage is challenging.

  • Designed for mission critical applications
  • Self-healing and expandable mesh network
  • Zones can be defined, allowing actions to be initiated on entering or leaving an area, including voice and text messages

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