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Protect your people with SafetyNet Custodial

We know that there are some work environments that are more dangerous than others. In those settings, ensuring the safety of staff should be of paramount importance. Enabling a quick, effective response to incidents in custodial facilities is essential and should be a promise you can make to your entire personnel.

So, what is SafetyNet Custodial?

SafetyNet Custodial takes management and safety to the next level by integrating personal alarms and location systems into a single package, providing staff with radio and staff alarms depending on need and function.

Crucially, it has been designed to ensure a rapid, effective response when an alarm on the system is activated. It does this by providing real-time location information to others on the system, indicating whether assistance is required or if others should steer clear.

SafetyNet Custodial Highlights

  • Radio communications for controlling front line staff and prisoner movements
  • Personal alarms to rapidly get attention
  • Location alert to get help to the right place, quickly
  • Simple staff alarms with text messages for support staff

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