Do you know where your people are at all times

Can you account for everyone you are responsible for, particularly in areas where GPS or Wi-Fi coverage is sketchy?

SafetyNet Asset Location is designed to track people or assets within a defined indoor area and it can be used for a range of applications to show existing location or to show movement between points.

How does it work?

Each person or asset equipment to be tracked carries a SafetyNet Asset device, a small battery operated radio transmitter.

SafetyNet Asset Location tracks the location of the SafetyNet Asset devices using SafetyNet Mesh – a network of discreet beacon readers and routers (BRRs) strategically positioned around the required area, which relays the information via wireless or a fixed network connection to SafetyNet Software.

SafetyNet Software receives location data for SafetyNet Mesh, displays the real-time location of all assets on the system and raises and escalates alerts as required.

Features include:

  • Geofencing, with the alarm raised if a person or asset moves from, or into a designated area
  • Can be programmed to escalate alerts as emails, texts or voice messages
  • Assets can be linked to specific individuals to prevent unauthorised use

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