Everyone has the right to feel safe at work

SafetyNet Protect Plus – the small alarm with a big impact​​​​​​​

When safety is paramount to your team, we know you have to reassure them that they’re safe when they’re carrying out their duties and the SafetyNet Protect plus alarm is a physical reminder to them that help is just a tap away.

SafetyNet Protect+ was developed for prison and secure home applications but is equally relevant in the protection of others working in potentially confrontational or hazardous roles, particularly lone workers.


So what does SafetyNet Protect Plus do?

  • Provides location updates via SafetyNet™ Mesh, a network of routers and beacons, with beacons located at key points in a defined area.
  • Provides continuous tracking data or to provide location data only when the alarm is activated, depending on the application.
  • Provides an accurate shock measurement for fall and no movement man‐down detection, which will raise an alert if the alarm button is pressed, a rip cord is pulled, or if it senses rapid movement or no movement at all.

Tracking of SafetyNet™ Protect+ units and alarm activation are managed centrally by SafetyNet™ Software. When a Protect+ alarm is activated the control room is alerted and all SafetyNet™ Protect+ devices on the system sound an alarm and receive messages with specific instructions, e.g. attend/don’t attend, including location information if required. The alarm will continue to sound until cancelled centrally in the control room.

SafetyNet™ Protect+ is designed to monitor people within a defined indoor area. The system can be used in any indoor situation but is especially useful in areas where achieving reliable GPS or Wi-Fi coverage is challenging.

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