PMR at Wind Europe 2023

PMR at Wind Europe 2023

We had the great honour of being one of the only Critical Communications companies invited to showcase our product at this year’s Wind Europe event in Copenhagen. Attended by over fifteen thousand industry key players, all with a vested interest in the future of renewable energy and pushing forward the innovations it needs to meet the demands for wind power.

What did PMR do?

We created a digital poster, presenting what we can do to ensure the safety of all those working on and off turbines.

Safety is still one of the primary considerations for wind farm operators. With the most favourable sites located in isolated and exposed environments, establishing reliable communications to facilitate the seamless interaction of many personnel is key to ensuring safety – no matter how far away from established communication networks they may be.

To meet the unique demands for reachability, response and robustness, critical communications solutions defined by digital land mobile radio (LMR) technologies like TETRA, P25, and DMR are making important contributions to keeping operations safe. However, a significant problem remained – once inside the steel column of the turbine the TETRA signal would be lost, therefore technicians would lose the ability to communicate.

One operator, with a 100km2 wind farm off the coast of Kent in the UK, wanted to ensure full, seamless radio coverage for all its personnel, especially the lone workers climbing inside the large steel towers of the turbines and technicians in the main machine room at the top of the tower. Our presentation discussed the challenges of the project in more depth and outlined the details of how a successful solution was developed and implemented.

You can watch the full presentation