PMR Safety Net are pleased to share news of the latest addition to their critical communications portfolio.  

Safety Net Asset PA is their most compact safety solution yet,  providing enhanced security in a discrete, easy to use, package. 

Combining personal safety and location tracking, SafetyNet Asset PA has been designed for staff seeking a compact safety solution, featuring a personal alarm and a duress rip cord.   

Unlike larger alternatives, the Asset PA is a small pendant, offering portability without compromising safety, and with an impressive battery life, users can rely on prolonged protection without frequent recharging.  

A simple push button or pull cord triggers an instant alarm, alerting nearby individuals to the users’ distress, whilst establishing direct communication with a central monitoring unit for swift assistance. The simple alert system, precise location tracking, and secure network connectivity, means the Asset PA enhances user confidence and provides reassurance in any environment.  

Asset PA – Key Product Features: 

  • Simple to use 
  • Instant alert 
  • Precise location tracking 
  • Secure network connectivity 
  • Portable, adaptable wearing options 
  • Streamlines response efforts 
  • Rechargeable battery from a standard USB-C connector 

The Asset PA is suitable for use in custodial facilities, secure home and hospitals.  

PMR Products has considerable experience in designing, installing and maintaining communication solutions. To discuss your requirements please get in touch