Innovators In Wireless Solutions

From inception in 1994, PMR Products has grown from a designer and integrator of private mobile radio (PMR) systems to become a highly respected innovator in the more general field of wireless applications; combining the merits of different technologies into integrated solutions tailored to the individual requirements of each application.

Within the PMR sector, our SafetyNet product has led the way in analogue and digital technology by providing new and innovative ways of getting the very best out of standard equipment where possible; adapted and enhanced using additional hardware and software as appropriate.

We are now in an age where it’s technologically possible to do many different things with a whole host of wireless platforms. We maximise the potential of each by integrating their capabilities into specific solutions to achieve the highest performance and flexibility.

Our Philosophy

The freedom to design the best solution

Providing the core design and working with technology partners for additional elements allows us the flexibility to provide every customer with exactly what they require, and to evolve the solution if their requirements change.

Continuous improvement

We keep up to date with new products and technologies and are passionate about the continuous improvement of processes and flow of ideas. Our team of engineers and market specialists expertly match customer needs to the best available technology, for the right price.

Quality Systems

We are proud to hold ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001 for the design, manufacture and assembly, supply, installation, repair and maintenance of radio communication components, software and systems

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How can we help?

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